3-WHEELS 1.3t-2.0t

Brands HC Electrique
Product Code: Élévateur électrique 3-roues série A 1.3t-1.5t-1.6t-1.8t-2.0t
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Distinguishing Mark
Manufacturer HANGCHA GROUP CO., LTD.
Drive: electric, diesel, petrol, fuel gas Electric
Operator type: hand, pedestrian, standing, seated, order-picker Seat
Load capacity/rated load 1000 kg; 1500 kg, 1750 kg; 2000 kg; 2500 kg; 3000kg
Load centre distance 500 mm
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork 406 mm (1.0t>1.8t); 455 mm (2.0t, 2.5t); 475 mm (3.0t, 3.5t)
Wheelbase 1380 mm (1.0t<1.8t); 1380 mm (2.0t, 2.5t); 1625 mm (3.0t-3.5t)
Service Weight 2940 kg; 2940 kg; 3090 kg, 3700 kg; 4180 kg; 4580 kg; 5050 kg; 5450 kg