4X4 2.5t-.3.5t

Brands HC Thermique
Product Code: Chariot-élévateur tout-terrain 4x4
Availability: According to order confirmation



Standard specification

  • Suspension transmission
  • Differential lock
  • 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive system
  • Suspension seat
  • Return oil filter
  • Big capacity aluminum radiator
  • Air filter
  • Rear working light
  • Warning lamp
  • Cover for tilt cylinder
  • Reversing assist grip
  • Wider fork carriage
  • Wider load backrest
  • LED light


  • Cabin
  • Heater
  • Front window
  • L/R mirror
  • Extinguisher
  • Customer painting
  • OPS system
  • Sparkle arrester
  • Purified exhaust system
  • Auxiliary hydraulic valve
  • Front working light
  • Triplex wide view free-lift mast
  • Special forks
  • Weigher system
  • Attachments
  • Net cover of radiator


The multipurpose concept refers to the capability of the forklift truck to work in many different areas, with a great performance no matter how hard the conditions are. We studied all the specifications of the best forklifts in the world, specialized in industrial and rough terrain types, determining the characteristics that makes a forklift work well in an industrial environment. After that, we combined such information, to prepare the basis of the design of our product.


Hangcha 2.5~3.5t 4W rough terrain forklifts is a tough, compact forklift with a two-wheel drive system. It is based on two-wheel drive rough terrain forklfit, adopt CUMMINS and YANMAR diesel engine. It is world renowned for superior performance, economy and longevity.

6 reasons choose Four-Wheel Drive Rough Terrain Forklift



The full-floating hydraulic transmission gearbox, with 2WD and 4WD switch function, can provide higher running speed and stronger gradeability. The drive axle is equipped with wide-base deep tread tires, wet brake, differential mechanism with electronic lock, as well as reinforced steering drive axle, and can better adapt to special working conditions.

Dual air filter、extra capacity combined radiator with serpentine wave and optimized heat dissipation channel enhance the heat dissipation capability to keep engine reliability even in heavy-duty applications. 

The differential is specifically designed for rough terrain and features manual differential lock providing ultimate traction during inclement weather conditions and rough operating surfaces, it differerntial lock prevents power loose when one wheel spins.


The new Dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system contributes to reduce loss of hydraulic and improve energy efficiency. The new eciency lighting system employs LED illuminant and new type reflector to reduce energy consumption, improve significantly illumination performance and prolong work time.


A lineup of powerful and clean engines and environment friendly materials help to reduce the output of undesirable substances over the lifetime of the truck, while creating a cleaner work environment. Each model employs a specially developed engine for the optimum balance of power and superior environmental performance, the truck is in compliance with EU III and EAP III control regulation.


In developing the rough terrain forklift, comfort and easy operation is always considered, for example, improved vibrating levels, compound engine damper and full floating seat and cabin are all applied. Comfortable also contribute to increased productivity and reduced the noise. In addition to rubber damper between frames and steering axle, compound engine damper and full floating power train achieve flexible connection between frames and driving system, as a result, traveling vibrations and vibrations from the driving system are significantly reduced. The extra foot space is provided to reduce operator fatigue significantly, non-slip step makes getting in and out easy and safe. The new designed steering wheel、new brake system and the easy-to-operate levers provide total handling operation. . Optimized designing structure to offer a good visibility. The new design mast provides broad forward visibility due to the longer distance between inside mast.


Newly-developed LCD instrument has more comprehensive functions and more stable performance and entirely displays the full truck state, fault code and other important information, which can make the operator more intuitively and conveniently have a better knowledge of truck state and make the maintenance conveniently. Adoption of new generation integrated electric box makes maintenance and repair convenient, layout becomes more reasonable and with better water-proof performance. The easy-to-open hook provides quick access to the engine compartment. Wet brake offers maximum service life for your brake system. 

  • The cover on the Panel can be lifted up simply to check the brake fluid.
  • The two-piece design makes the floorboard easy to lift and remove for access to the power train.
  • The fasteners of the radiator cover can be turned easily by hand to enable quick inspections or servicing.


The distance to ground is 270mm for 3.0t, it offers greater maneuverability and keep the truck moving in the roughest of applications, and yet we keep a very low center of gravity, by using a distributed weight in the forklift, giving it an excellent stability. Suspension hydraulic transmission with three forward gears, top speed reach 26km/h.

Distinguishing Mark
Manufacturer HANGCHA GROUP CO., LTD.
Manufacturers type designation CPCD25-XW33C-RT4; CPCD30-XW33C-RT4; CPCD35-XW33C-RT4; CPCD25-XW43C-RT4; CPCD30-XW43C-RT4
Drive: electric, diesel, petrol, fuel gas Diesel
Operator type: hand, pedestrian, standing, seated, order-picker Seat
Load capacity/rated load 2500 kg; 3000 kg; 3500 kg
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork 585 mm (2.5t); 600 mm (3.0t, 3.5t)
Wheelbase 1880 mm
Service Weight 4850 kg (2.5t); 5340 kg (3.0t); 5600 kg (3.5t)
Axle loading, laden front/rear 6190/1160 kg (2.5t); 7200/1140 kg (3.0t); 7900/1200 kg (3.5t)
Axle loading, unladen front/rear 2130/2720 kg (2.5t); 2340/3000 kg (3.0t); 2300/3300 kg (3.5t)
Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward/backward 10°/12°
Height, mast lowered 2215 mm (2.5t); 2350 mm (3.0t, 3.5t)
Free lift 140 mm (2.5t), 145 mm (3.0t, 3.5t)
Lift STD 3000 mm / Option: 3000>6000 mm
Height, mast extended 4122 mm (2.5t); 4142 mm( 3.0t, 3.5t)
Height of overhead guard (cabin) 2390 mm (2.5t); 2420 mm( 3.0t, 3.5t)
Overall length 4305 mm (2.5t); 4320 mm( 3.0t, 3.5t)
Length to face of forks 3085 mm (2.5t); 3100 mm( 3.0t, 3.5t)
Overall width 1557 mm (2.5t); 1599 mm( 3.0t, 3.5t)
Fork dimensions ISO 2331 40×122×1220 mm (2.5t); 50×122×1220 mm( 3.0t, 3.5t)
Fork carriage DIN 15 173 --- ISO 2328, class/type A,B B
Fork-carriage width 1150 mm
Distance between fork-arms 290-1150 mm
Ground clearance, laden, below mast 240 mm (2.5t); 270 mm( 3.0t, 3.5t)
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase 260 mm (2.5t); 290 mm (3.0t-3.5t)
Aisle width for pallets 800 x 1200 lenghways 5305 mm (2.5t); 5320 mm (3.0t, 3.5t)
Turning radius 3300 mm
Tyres: solid rubber, pneumatic, polyurethane Pneumatic
Tyre size, front 12-16.5-14PR (2.5t); 12-16.5-14PR (3.0t, 3.5t);
Tyre size, rear
Wheels, number front / rear (x = driven wheels) 2x/2x
Tread, front 1250 mm
Tread, rear 1190 mm
Performance data
Travel speed, laden/unladen 24/26 km/h
Lift speed, laden/unladen 0.62/0.64; 0.49/0.51; 0.43/0.51; 0.62/0.64; 0.49/0.51 km/h
Lowering speed, laden/unladen 0.5/0.44 km/h
Drawbar pull, laden 40000 N
Gradeability, laden/unladen with Yanmar engine: 58% (2.5t), 55% (3.0t) 52% (3.5t) with Cummins engine: 52% (2.5t), 46% (3.0t)
Service brake Hydraulic
IC Engine
Engine manufacturer/type YANMAR 4TNE98 (XW33C) or CUMMINS QSF2.8t3NA49 (XW43C)
Engine power according to DIN ISO 1585 42.1/2300 kW/t/min (YANMAR 4TNE98), 36.5/2500 kW/t/min (CUMMINS QSF2.8t3NA49)
Rated speed 196/1700 N/t/min (YANMAR 4TNE98), 186/1500 N/t/min (CUMMINS QSF2.8t3NA49)
Number of cylinders/displacement 4 cylindres/ 3319 cm3 (YANMAR 4TNE98); 4 cylindres/2800 cm3 (CUMMINS QSF2.8t3NA49)
Battery voltage/nominal capacity 12V/90Ah
Hydraulic Tank - capacity 60 L
Fuel tank capacity 60 L