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“The best quality/price ratio currently on the market!"

Complete range of Lithium trolleys for material handling and warehousing

With the best Lithium-Ion batteries, the new HANGCHA electric forklift trucks benefit from fast recharging and are virtually maintenance-free. In addition, CATL lithium-ion batteries last up to four times longer than conventional batteries. HANGCHA offers a 5 year or 10,000 hour warranty on lithium batteries.

LONG SERVICE LIFE: 4000 full charging cycles with at least 80% residual capactity.

FAST RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Add flexibility to your operation, cost-saving in the long term, increased efficiencies.

MAINTENANCE FREE: No filling with water or control of acidity level. No draining, filters and controls as on thermal engines.

FAST CHARGING: 2 hours full charge, economic use of each break.

COLD AREA APPLICATION: Li-Ion batteries maintain high performance at temperature below freezing.

HIGH SAFETY AND RELIABILITY: Intelligent battery management system (BMS) monitoring every important function. No emission of battery gasses.

INTERMEDIATE CHARGE: Full performance during teamwork thanks to fast and efficient intermediate charges.

HIGH ENERGY DENSITY: The high energy density of li-ion battery ensures working times and increase th high availability.

Pallet trucks, stackers or forklifts, many models are available with LITHIUM LI-ION technology.

HANGCHA A SERIE: 3-wheels lithium forklift

HANGCHA A Series - 3-wheel electric forklift truck with Lithium Iron-Phosphate batteries, 48V/480Ah, CATL modules and cells.

HANGCHA XC SERIE: Lithium forklift

HANGCHA New XC Series - Electric lift with exclusive architecture for Lithium Iron-Phosphate batteries, 80V, CATL modules and cells.

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