A Serie Tow Tractors

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NEW PRODCUT - Electric Tow Tractors HANGCHA "A-Serie" 2.0t à 6.0t

In electric tractors for handling, our latest addition, the HANGCHA QDD is now available in a seated or standing version

Technical data:

  • Models: QDD20/40/60-AC1(S), QDD20/40/60/AD2(S), (S = version debout)
  • Load capacity: 2,0t, 4,0t ou 6,0t
  • Rated tensile strength: 500N, 1000N, 1500N
  • Max. Tensile strength: 2000N, 4000N, 4500N
  • Travel speed (unloaded): 13 km/h
  • Controller: C-Curtis, D-Inmotion

The AC traction motor offers excellent acceleration performance, exceptional climbing ability, low heat emission and maintenance-free operation.

Electric braking system EPB

Electronic power steering system and safety pedal (for stand-up driving type)

LED lights