HEAVY 12t-16t

Brands HC Thermique
Product Code: Chariot-élévateur à contrepoids 12t-14t-16t
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Standard specification

  • Handle with proportional control
  • Bracket of lamp
  • Air condition
  • Cabin
  • Pin
  • Fork positioner side shift
  • Hand lamp
  • Horn
  • Mirror
  • Tool box
  • Standard fork
  • Standard seat
  • Buzzer
  • Front combination lamp
  • Rear combination lamp
  • Neutral switch
  • Wide view mast
  • Gauge of hydraulic level
  • 4 Sec. multi-way valve
  • Radiator
  • Pattern oil-resistant tyres
  • Fuel dipstick
  • Full hydraulic power steering
  • Self-Iock valve
  • Rubber pedal pad
  • LCD (Variable system)
  • Limit lift speed valve
  • Air cleaner
  • Lift and tilt lever
  • OPS
  • Warning lamp


  • Customer painting
  • Working lamp
  • Other dimension fork
  • Rear-view camera
  • Reverse sensor

Power System

Cummins QSC8.3 supercharged engine, Emissions comply with EPA 3 and EU III requirements; High performance, low energy consumption, low speed with high torque, great power reserves. And the engine is equipped with big dimension radiator and suction fan, it reduce the temperature of inlet air and ensure the reliability of cooling system. Using the special peripheral accessories recommended by Cummins, ensure the normal use and maintenance of the engine.

Transmission System

ZF micro controller with 3 stage power-shiftis to make sure the high reliability. Using the most advanced TCU microelectronic control transmission proportional control valve to achieve uninterrupted power output and automatic transmission, no need the driver manual shift operation. Fault display and convenient diagnostic socket, greatly simplifying maintenance and repairs. German Kessler heavy load drive axle, with two stage speed adjust, multi-disc wet service brake system, is fully enclosed system with maintenance free.

Hydraulic System

International famous brand hydraulic valve,the main hydraulic pump, the guide handle.Load sensing hydraulic system, reduce the continuous load of engine ; Remote hydraulic control and electric control are simple and convenient. Multiple hydraulic testing points simplify the maintenance work.


Widened duplex mast, reinforced frame, broad vision; Dual valves limit the speed, better security. Sideshifter is the standard configuration.

Brake System

Widened duplex mast, reinforced frame, broad vision; Dual valves limit the speed, better security. Sideshifter is the standard configuration.

Steering System

Single transverse arranged cylinder of steering axle has dual function, full hydraulic power steering, steering has priority, with load sensing function, for easy operation.

Electrical System

Implement the latest international, national and industry standards. The OPS using the seat, and to improve driving safety and norms. The use of advanced CAN bus communication system, high reliability, good anti-jamming; The CAN controller collect information of engine, transmission, all types of sensors, pressure switches and faults, and operator can view various information intuitively from the high-performance colored LCD.


Integral full suspension tilting cabin, connected with the frame through damping rubber, which can shield most of vibration and noise. The tilted cabin which configured wide vision, suspension seat, electric control and hydraulic control joystick, is simple and easy for operation and maintenance. It provides alarge space for drivers legs.

Distinguishing Mark
Manufacturers type designation CPCD120-XG57; CPC D120-XW25; CPCD140-XG57; CPC D140-XW25; CPCD160-XG57; CPC D160-XW25;
Drive: electric, diesel, petrol, fuel gas Diesel
Operator type: hand, pedestrian, standing, seated, order-picker Seated
Load capacity/rated load 12000kg; 14000kg; 16000kg
Load centre distance 600 mm
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork 760 mm (12t); 785 mm (14t); 800 mm (16t)
Wheelbase 3000 mm
Service Weight 15600 kg (12t); 17600 kg (14t); 19200 kg (16t)
Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward/backward 6°/12°
Height, mast lowered 3180 mm (12t); 3270 mm (14t); 3290 mm (16t)
Lift 3000 mm (option: 3000>6000mm)
Height of overhead guard (cabin) 2930 mm (12t); 3080 mm (14t, 16t)
Overall length 6000 mm (12t); 6210 mm (14t,); 6320 mm (16t)
Length to face of forks 4500 mm (12t); 4710 mm (14t,); 4820 mm (16t)
Overall width 2420 mm (12t); 2480 mm (14t, 16t)
Fork dimensions ISO 2331 1500x200x80 (12t); 1500x200x85 (14t); 1500x200x90 (15t)
Distance between fork-arms 520/2200 mm
Ground clearance, laden, below mast 250 mm
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase 315 mm
Turning radius 4150 mm (14t); 4350 mm (16t); 4450 mm (16t)
Tyre size, front 10.00-20-14PR (12t); 11.00-20-18PR (14t); 12.00-20-20PR (16t)
Tyre size, rear 10.00-20-14PR (12t); 11.00-20-18PR (14t); 12.00-20-20PR (16t)
Wheels, number front / rear (x = driven wheels) 4x/2
Tread, front 1780 mm
Tread, rear 1920 mm (12t); 1890 (14t, 16t)
Performance data
Travel speed, laden/unladen 22>25 / 26>30 km/h (6 models)
Lift speed, laden/unladen 0.335/0.35 m/s
Drawbar pull, laden 100000 N
Gradeability, laden/unladen -/20%
Service brake Wet disc brake system
IC Engine
Engine manufacturer/type CHINA YC6J160-T300 ou CUMMINS QSCB6.7-C160
Engine power according to DIN ISO 1585 118 kW (CHINA); 119kW (CUMMINS)
Rated speed 2200 min (CHINA); 2300 min (CUMMINS)
Number of cylinders/displacement 6 cylinders
Battery voltage/nominal capacity 2x12V/120Ah