XF 3.0t-3.5t

Brands HC Thermique
Product Code: Chariot-élévateur Série XF XF 3.0t-3.5t
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Distinguishing Mark
Manufacturers type designation CPCD30-XW33F/B/M; CPYD30-XW52F/B/M; CPQD30-XW22F/B/M; CPYD30-XW22F/B/M; CPQYD30-XW22F/B/M; CPCD30-XW43F/B; CPCD30-XW55F/B; CPCD30-XW56F/B/M; CPCD30-XW10F; CPCD35-XW33F/B/M; CPYD35-XW52F/B/M; CPQD35-XW22F/B/M; CPYD35-XW22F/B/M; CPQYD35-XW22F/BCPCD35-XW56F/B/M/M; CPCD35-XW43F/B; CPCD35-XW55F/B;
Load capacity/rated load 3000 kg; 3500 kg
Load centre distance 500 mm
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork 480 mm (3.0t); 485 mm (3.5t)
Wheelbase 1700 mm
Service Weight 4350 kg (3.0t); 4705 kg (3.5t)
Axle loading, laden front/rear 6450/900 kg (3.0t); 7255/950 kg (3.5t)
Axle loading, unladen front/rear 1750/2600 kg (3.0t); 1720/2985 kg (3.5t)
Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward/backward 6°/12°
Height, mast lowered 2165 mm
Free lift 145 mm
Lift STD 3000 mm / Option: 2000>7000 mm
Height, mast extended 4145 mm
Height of overhead guard (cabin) 2150 mm STD / 2230 mm with suspension cabin
Length to face of forks 2730 mm (3.0t); 2800 mm (3.5t)
Overall width 1225 mm
Fork dimensions ISO 2331 1070x122x45 mm
Ground clearance, laden, below mast 130 mm
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase 165 mm
Turning radius 2355 mm (3.0t); 2415mm (3.5t)
Tyre size, front 28×9-15-14PR
Tyre size, rear 6.50-10-10PR
Tread, front 1005 mm
Tread, rear 975 mm
Performance data
Travel speed, laden/unladen 17.2> 19 km/h (7 engines and 3 transmissions selectable)
IC Engine
Engine manufacturer/type 7 engines available: YANMAR/4TNE98; GCT(NISSAN)/K25LPG; GCT(NISSAN)/K25; CUMMINS/QSF2.8t3NA49; MITSUBISHI/S4S-Z362CSFL; YANMAR/4TNV94L-BXPHZ; ISUZU C240NKFC01.
Engine power according to DIN ISO 1585 34.6kW > 42.1kW (7 Motor-Modelle)
Number of cylinders/displacement 4 cylinders
Battery voltage/nominal capacity 12V/60Ah
Fuel tank capacity 40 L (Diesel, Gasoline), 70 L (Gaz, Dual fuel)