XF 4.0t-5.5t

Brands HC Thermique
Product Code: Chariot-élévateur Série XF 4.0t-5.5t
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Distinguishing Mark
Load capacity/rated load 4000 kg; 4500 kg; 5000 kg; 5500 kg
Load centre distance 500 mm
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork 550 mm (4.0t, 4.5t); 555 mm (5.0t); 585 mm (5.5t)
Wheelbase 2000 mm
Service Weight 6500 kg (4.0t), 6700 kg (4.5t); 6850 kg (5.0t); 7250 kg (5.5t)
Axle loading, laden front/rear 9120/1380 kg (4.0t); 9825/1375 (4.5t); 10325/1525 (5.0t); 110000/1750 (5.5t)
Axle loading, unladen front/rear 3020/3480 kg (4.0t); 3020/3680 (4.5t); 3020/3830 (5.0t); 3300/3950 (5.5t)
Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward/backward 6°/12°
Height, mast lowered 2245 mm
Free lift 160 mm
Lift STD 3000 mm / Option: 2500>7000 mm
Height, mast extended 4170 mm (4.0t, 4.5t), 4320 mm (5.0t, 5.5t)
Height of overhead guard (cabin) 2270 mm
Length to face of forks 3085 mm (4.0t); 3115 mm (4.5t); 3265 mm (5.0t); 3330 mm (5.5t)
Overall width 1420 mm (4.0t); 1503 mm (4.5t>5.5t)
Fork dimensions ISO 2331 1070x122x50 mm
Ground clearance, laden, below mast 170 mm
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase 230 mm
Turning radius 2690 mm (4.0t); 2720 mm (4.5t); 2875 mm (5.0t); 2905 mm (5.5t)
Tyre size, front 8.25-15-14PR (4.0t); 300-15-18PR (4.5t>5.5t)
Tyre size, rear 7.00-12-12PR
Tread, front 1173 mm (4.0t); 1203 (4.5t>5.5t)
Tread, rear 1130 mm
Performance data
Travel speed, laden/unladen 24 km/h
IC Engine
Engine manufacturer/type 5 engines available: PERKINS 1104D-44; CUMMINS QSF2.8T4F; PSI-4.3L; TD42AA; MISTUBISHI S6S
Engine power according to DIN ISO 1585 52kW > 74kW (5 Engine models)
Number of cylinders/displacement 4 or 6 cylinders (5 Engine models)
Fuel tank capacity 80 L (4.0t, 4.5t), 90 L (5.0t, 5.5t)