4-WHEELS 12.0t-16.0t

Brands HC Electrique
Product Code: Élévateur électrique série A .0t-4.5t-5.0t
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The new designed cabin can reduce the fatigue of the driver.
Easy maintenance and operation

Battery exchange, controller is easy to see, electric or manual operations are all both convenient for daily maintenance.

Distinguishing Mark
Manufacturer HANGCHA GROUP CO., LTD.
Manufacturers type designation CPD120-AXZ4; 140-AXZ4; 160-AXZ4
Drive: electric, diesel, petrol, fuel gas Electric
Operator type: hand, pedestrian, standing, seated, order-picker Seat
Load capacity/rated load 12000 kg; 14000 kg; 16000kg
Load centre distance 600 mm
Overall length 5970 mm (12t); 6080 mm (14t); 6290 mm (16t)
Turning radius 4150 mm (12t); 4300 mm (14t); 4450 mm (16t)
Performance data
Travel speed, laden/unladen 16/18 km/h
Drawbar pull, laden 40000 N
Electric engine
Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5 120V
Manufacturer/Type ZAPI
Sound pressure level LpAZ (driver's seat) 70 dB