2.0-6.0t Tow tractor standing

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HANGCHA QDD 2.0t-4.0t-6.0t Tow Tractor Serie A

Standard Specification

  • Front headlight
  • Rear combined lamp
  • Electrical horn
  • Emergency disconnect switch / Pneumatic tyre
  • Front double-tyre (4~6 ton)
  • Safety pedal (stand-on)
  • AC power system
  • Standard battery
  • Multi-function LCD display / Toolbox


  • Solid tyre
  • High capacity battery
  • Suspension seat
  • Battery charger
  • Towing coupling height
  • Front double-tyre (2 ton)
  • Towing coupling contrai equipment
  • Dolly for side-exchange battery
  • Mirror


  • Multiple benefits of the AC Power System include: fast reponse to operating commands, precise power control, regenerative system.
  • Economy of operation, resulting from minimized maintenance costs,e.g. Fully enclosed 3 phase AC asynchronous motor with high degree of efficiency maintenance free for life.
  • A high number of work cycles can be obtained from each battery charge due to the efficiency of this system of energy control.
  • System is fully adjustable to suit the load, the working area and the operator. lnbuilt diagnostics record intermittent faults and service requirements reducing expensive service time.


  • Low noise, low shake, energy efficient.
  • Lower step and capacious room will be much appreciated by operators who have to get on and off tow tractor.
  • Ergonomically designed switch, instrument, pedal.
  • Adjustable seat and steering wheel ensure maximum operator comfort and minimum fatigue.
  • Operator can contrai rear towing coupling from optional towing coupling contrai equipment.
  • Exchange battery easily from optional dolly for side-exchange battery.


  • Battery is dropped down to the lowest part of frame. This gives tow tractor excellent stability because low centre of gravity.


  • You can open and close the battery caver hood for daily checkup the battery, motor and contrai Ier. lt's easy to access inner of battery caver for maintenance

HANGCHA QDD 2.0t-4.0t-6.0t Tow Tractor

Distinguishing Mark
Manufacturer HANGCHA GROUP CO., LTD.
Manufacturers type designation QDD20-AC1S/QDD40-AC1S/QDD20-AC1S, QDD20-AD2S/QDD40-AD2S/QDD60-AD2S
Operator type: hand, pedestrian, standing, seated, order-picker Standing
Load capacity/rated load 2.0t, 4.0t, 6.0t
Rated drawbar pull 500N, 1000N, 1500N; Max. Drawbar pull: 2000N, 4000N, 4500N
Performance data
Travel speed, laden/unladen 6/13 km/h