About Us

Welcome to HANGCHA

HANGCHA is proud on its history and developments since it was founded in 1956.

In the 60 years history HANGCHA has, thanks to the hard work and support of all employees, determination of management and our continuous innovation efforts, developed from a small company into one of the leading global material handling equipment manufacturers in China and globally.

This has only been made possible thanks to the appreciation of our products and services by our customers around the world.

In Switzerland, the after-sales service carts is provided by HANGCHA (Switerzland) AG. The comany coordinates the network of resellers in each linguistic region of the country. So, not only the maintenance
elevators but also services such as rental and training for obtaining the driver's license and approved SUVA are guaranteed.

In China, HANGCHA has gained recognition as a successful company. It is on the list of the 1000 ‘Biggest Enterprises’, in the top 500 ‘Most Competitive’ and in the top 500 ‘Biggest Private Enterprises’, proving HANGCHA’s direction has been right.

Currently we manufacture annually more than 80,000 units of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment in our state-of-the-art factory in Li-an, Zhejang province. And we are expanding production capacity further in order to meet the expected growing demand for our products in the coming years.

While the biggest part of our products are sold in China through our extensive network of 64 subsidiaries and 312 dealers, our international sales has shown a remarkable growth.

The successes over the years, and particularly in the last 10 years, has given us further confidence and encouragement to continue our growth in the years ahead.

We shall push further ahead in our mission to be a supplier of high quality material handling equipment, which supports all our customers, both in China and all other countries around the world, with their materials handling processes.

« We shall sincerely look for cooperation with our
customers and our partners for a mutually
brilliant future.»

Zhao Limin, Chairman of the Board